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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We love socks!

I did a very special dye-job for the roving for these socks. Then, I split the roving in half and spun two (hopefully) identical skeins of yarn. Starting from the toe, I knit until I ran out of yarn on one sock, completed the other sock to the same level, and then knit alternating rounds on each sock until I ran out of yarn.

Specifically, until I discovered that I was five feet short during the bind off. @$&!!!! So now I have to rootle through my stash and find a bit of red/purple/blue that's similar and spin five or ten feet and re-do the bind off.

Still, I think they're stunning.

Shirley has expanded her sock obsession from the security sock to all socks. Mine, Brian's, and hers. As long as it's a sock, she's not picky.

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Nanna Sandy said...

That's a great picture! She looks so much like her mommy!