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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My stethoscope's so pretty!

I lost my stethoscope at work the other night. When I told my co-workers this, they all wanted to know what it looked like.
"Uh, it's a black Littmann stethoscope with a green light attached to the bell."
"Does it have your name on it anywhere?"
"Do you know how many people have black stethoscopes?"
Thankfully, Laura from housekeeping (who has far surpassed "Custodian" and is quite possibly a "Cleaning Goddess") found it and returned it to me. But the whole experience caused me to realize that my stethoscope looks just like everyone else's, and I need to do something to make it distinctively mine.
The next night, I had a dream. The dream told me (apparently the Yarn Pixies are branching out) to take the beads I had left over from trying to spin beaded yarn (a complete and utter cluster^%&$ that made me repent of ever wanting to use, let alone make, beaded yarn) and make myself something beaded for the stethoscope.
So I took beads and needle in hand, with no plan of what to do next beyond making a beaded gewgaw to identify my stethoscope. This is what it evolved into:

Lots of people have black stethoscopes. But how many people have a black stethoscope with a pink beaded three-dimensional Cinderella dress on the tubing?


Cat said...

Ya know, this could be something to show to the pediatrics ward... And it IS unique!


Have a great one,

PS. I thought your spinning with beads looked great when you were at the group... Will share knitted sock monkey patterns when I ever see you there again.

silfert said...

That is freaking awesome! Much better than taping silk flowers or plastic spoons to it. But...

What happens when you're on the midnight shift?