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Monday, June 16, 2008

Mind-blowing cuteness!

It's a good thing that Shirley (whom we have taken to calling "Mimi," as in "Do you want to deal with the Screaming Mimi or should I?") is cute. Remember how I thought she was teething a month or so back? The pediatrician says I was mistaken. Apparently screaming herself to sleep for 45 minutes before every nap is just part of her personality.

She's a very social person. The more people paying attention to her, the happier she is. She loves church because someone is always holding her. As far as she's concerned, Sunday is the day we gather together to celebrate her cuteness. (And until she's old enough to understand the real reason, I'm content that she associates church and feeling loved.)

Unfortunately, when we aren't having relatives descend upon us, there's just Brian and I here at home. And we have to do boring things like cooking, laundry, and cleaning the house. So there's a limited amount of time available for snuggling with Mimi. And the comparative lack of an audience is very disappointing to our little drama queen.

Every morning at about 0430, Brian and I have the same conversation. "She's clean, dry, in a fresh outfit, and I just fed her. Any screaming is because she's bored and wants company." Some nights we get lucky and she goes right back to sleep after feeding, but usually she howls for at least a half hour before she falls asleep.

So it's a very good thing that she's cute, as it makes the random fussiness much easier to deal with. Many people comment on her cuteness. And I know much of it's just social programming, but it's still good to know that (so far, at least) no one is going to confuse my child with Sasquatch.
But by far the weirdest praise for Shirley comes from Dr. Hsu, the urologist when he met with us before Saturday's surgery: "What a cute baby--she's gonna be a heartbreaker. Buy a shotgun NOW!"