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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Breast is Best!"

Although all the infant development books swear she's at least a month early, it looks as though Shirley has started teething. Suddenly, I feel no urge to breastfeed her.

Why? Because even at the best of times this whole breastfeeding thing has been as though Society is pressuring me to allow a small rabid woverine to bite my nipples off several times daily. And when I've expressed reservations about this practice, Society has begun lecturing me on how vitally important it is that I do what's best for the wolverine.

Thank God for my breastpump. It allows me to give Shirley most of the benefits of breastfeeding while avoiding the puncture wounds.


jlmishler said...

YAY for the breastpump! And booo on Society...are they raising your little girl!?! I hate it when people try to give advice...I was bottlefed and I least from a personal prespective...I turned out ok!!! Hahaha...yeah for similac! :-) Keep doing what you need to do! We miss you and know that you three are loved!!

silfert said...

I, too, am very fond of my pump. Much easier on both of us to put it in a bottle, rather than spend twenty minutes trying to get him to wake up and latch on, lose his grip, cry, try again, and so forth. This way, he gets what he needs and who cares how it gets in his tummy? He's eating well and gaining weight and that's all that matters.