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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


If you've ever wondered when the best time to visit the zoo is, I highly recommend Super Bowl Sunday. It was practically empty!

As the doc said I could get off the bedrest if Shirley and I made it until the 3rd, I took full advantage of her momentary lapse of judgement. On Sunday, I made Brian and his sister Meegan (who graciously flew down from Oregon for several days to "watch my niece bake") take me to the zoo.

Why the zoo? Many reasons. First, I love animals. And the fact that zoos are comparatively cheap places to entertain oneself doesn't hurt anything. But mostly because it was the only place I knew of that has wheelchairs for rent. Since the easiest way to set off contractions is still standing up and walking, I figured it was best to celebrate my liberation from the couch with as little physical activity as possible.

I got to see a real, live polar bear! (Three of them, actually.) I've never been to a zoo that was temperate enough to have a polar bear, so that was a first.

And apparently when anteaters take a bath, they do it just like the rest of us:

The church is throwing me a shower on Saturday. Brian came home from church Sunday evening (we agreed that one outing was enough for the day) bearing many warm greetings from church members, most of which were polite variations on "keep your legs crossed until after the shower!" I'm still having contractions regularly, but there was no change between this exam and the one before it--we'll see what happens!

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