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Thursday, February 14, 2008

In praise of Unisom

Well, I'm still having regular contractions every 5-10 minutes. And they still hurt. Between the pain, the near-constant nausea (even with Zofran on board, I've been living off clear liquids, toast and bagels) and the lack of sleep from the contractions, I've really been feeling like I'm reaching the end of my physical and emotional tether. My mood is gradually (who am I kidding?) rapidly getting bitchier, but Shirley has not deigned to grace us with her presence yet.

At the weekly obstetrician visit yesterday, the doc told me that while she was sorry I was experiencing so much pain and nausea, it looked as though it would be a while before the next stage of labor begins. She did offer to send me back to triage for morphine, but I declined. If all the hospital will do at this point is pump me full of drugs for the pain, help Brian shovel me into the car, and send me home to sleep it off, I think I'll pass. I can drug myself into insensibility at home, thank you very much!

While I don't have any narcotics, I do have a nice stash of over the counter sleep aids. So when we got home, I took a Unisom (it's safe during pregnancy!) and crashed for several hours. Although I woke up with an impressive hangover, six hours of uninterupted sleep definitely improved both my overall mood and ability to "tune out" the pain from the contractions.

I'm still not sure when Shirley will choose to show up, but I'd better stock up on sleep while I still can!

1 comment:

silfert said...

Good grief! It'll be worth it in the end, but jeez Louise! Many hugs and prayers from this end.