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Friday, August 21, 2009

In praise of modern dentistry

I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. Since they've been troubling me for the last four years, I figured I might as well get them yanked while we still have insurance.

And now that the puking has stopped, I'm a much happier person. (Trying to get the part of my brain that was all "Oh my GAWD--there's lots of blood in your vomit! This is BAD! BAD! BAAAAAD!!!" to stop hyperventilating and talk to the part that was saying "No sh*t there's blood in your vomit--accidentally swallowing the blood your mouth incisions are oozing is what's making you vomit! Drink lots of fluids and you'll be fine." was much harder than you'd expect.) I am getting bored with eating soft foods, but not stupid enough to try the Doritos corn chips I'm craving.

One thing I didn't expect is that the swelling makes it hard to project a proper "Mom Voice" (you know the one I mean) when yelling at Shirley for doing dangerous things. And the narcotics make it really hard to sustain "The Look" for longer than a half second. "Don't shtand on the coutsch!" accompanied by a silly grin just doesn't have the desired effect.

However, I have learned from my previous experiences with narcotics that this is not the week to begin new craft projects. Why?

As we were packing up the San Francisco house, I found this random piece of crochet:
Not only does it appear to be made out of my odds and ends of sock yarn, but I have no memory of making it. The best we could conjecture was that I made it when Shirley was first born and I was on lots of pain killers. (Out of desperation, I wound up adding shoulder straps and a ruffled hem and called it a sweater dress.)


silfert said...

I only have one wisdom tooth to come out. Do you think I have a chance of maintaining authority? Hope you're feeling better...

Cat said...

Omigod, does THAT bring back memories. I have a necklace and a blanket I received for Christmas, but have no memory of. Zip. Nada. I was really brilliant, going to school, didn't want to take time off, so I had all the wisdom teeth taken out, and over vacation. The happy expression in the photos looks more blasted than blissful, I think. Mom said I was so happy with the necklace I cried. I could have danced the Watusi with a lampshade on my head, I don't remember.

Ooooh, we've found your Mom Kryponite... Somehow, I think sounding like Daffy Duck would probably take the edge off of the Mom Voice. You'll get there...