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Friday, July 24, 2009

Really, Oregon?

I had job interview yesterday for a place I really want to work, and am otherwise wading through the maze of unemployment.
Does anyone else find it ironic that the Oregon Department of Employment's website for filing unemployment claims is I suppose it's more encouraging than or, but really!


jlmishler said...

Yeah I never noticed that before when troy has filed....hmmmm....interesting. Its definatly a FAIL oregon moment. Do you think you and the family would like to come up here in the near future??? We can either get something to go for dinner or I can make something...up to you and what you feel like. We sure miss you, Brian and the little mimi's!

Cat said...

Here's hoping you hear back positively! Ya know, I never noticed that, and I have been on the ODOE website, just like you, guess it's better than,, or some such, but hey, if it works...

silfert said...

*snort* Reh, heh, heh!