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Friday, July 17, 2009

Electronic mayhem

We don't get Shirley many toys with batteries. The way we see it, she makes enough noise as it is, so why would we want to add to it? However, that doesn't stop the assorted aunties and uncles from giving her toys that make any number of interesting noises.

Like this adorable tea set. It comes with two cups, three treats, and a plate. At least, I thought it was adorable until Shirley figured out how to push the button and make the tea kettle sing its little song every ten seconds. "I'm a little teapot, ready for some tea..." The song is starting to haunt my dreams! Hope the batteries die soon.

1 comment:

silfert said...

I'll trade you. Junior found my Mr. Rogers keychain.

"It's a beauti- It's a beau- It's a beautiful- It's a be- It's a- It's a beaut- Please won't you be- Plea- Please won-"

Et cetera ad infinitum.