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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Work weirdness

Work has been weird lately. I foolishly said yes when the staffing office asked if I wanted to pull extra shifts this week without looking at my schedule. Therefore, I've worked five out of the last seven days.

The staffing office canceled me for a few hours here and there, so it thankfully wasn't the full 60 hours that my 12 hour schedule would usually cause. Still, I'm very grateful that tonight is my night off.

Every so often the e-mails I receive from my higher-ups make me want to go "WTF?" Especially these two that I read Friday night:
Email # 1 stated that one of my co-workers is in the process of gender reassignment and therefore will now be known as something completely different, starting immediately. (Unexpected, but it is The Zeros.) SO BE SUPPORTIVE, YOU DUNDERHEADS!
Email #2 stated that there would be NO non-work related Internet use while at work. No, it doesn't matter if it's your lunch break. Infractions will be dealt with severely.

How can they possibly be so encouraging and empathetic towards my friend's sex change and yet intolerant of our need to check e-mail at 0315 on slow nights?

And how am I doing with these things?
The co-worker seems much happier and more relaxed, so for shis sake, I hope the rest of this change also goes well. As I told shim, "We love you and we love working with you, but pronouns are going to be a bit awkward for awhile." S/he seemed to take this well.
Last night was so crazy busy I didn't get a chance to chart until well after midnight, so the Internet policy wasn't a temptation at all.

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