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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can't sleep

Not like this title is a surprise to anyone, right? At this point, between working nights and new antidepressants and the nasty cold that's been going around our family, I might as well buy a glittery lavender cape and change my name to "Insomnia Queen."

So time to list some major blessings that have happened recently:

Grandma got out of the hospital about three weeks ago. Last I heard, she is back to her normal self, including playing the harmonica.

I passed my six month employee evaluation at the hospital with flying colors! After the lousy experience I had working at Mills-Peninsula, it was very nice to have my supervisors tell me that they thought I was a good nurse and were pleased with my performance. Incredibly affirming!

I have a spinning wheel! (As always, I'm too lazy to get up and snap a picture of it. ) Brian's parents got me one for my birthday next week. It's a Clemes & Clemes modern style-spinning wheel. Mostly indestructible (always a plus with the Mimi around) and works like a dream.


Cat said...

You need a tiara with that, big, sparkly, with a "Z" enclosed with a red circle and slash... (Goes wonderfully with lavender... HA!)

Sounds like Grandma and work are some definite blessings! Hazzah!

Have to see you at spinning with the new rig, see if you like it as much as spinning with the spindle. Unlike me, you can compare the two. Okay, I can, but since I think the spindle is a personal curse, I am just a TINY bit biased...

Keep well,

silfert said...

Yay for Grandma! Maybe I should send you some more alapca for a double celebration? New wheel, make something for Grandma...