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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Que dia es hoy?

Ever forget what day of the week it is? I've never been particularly talented when it comes to time-management, but working nights has not helped.

Perhaps it's the fact that when I leave for work, it's Wednesday, but when I come home from work, it's now Thursday. Maybe it's how magically, every single night, I have to change the date on my charting when the clock turns over from 2359 to 0000. Or even the fact that on occasion, (this is Oregon I'm talking about) I have left for work, worked twelve or thirteen hours, returned from work, and then awakened after sleeping for several hours without seeing a single ray of sunshine!

When you're doing a neurological assessment on patients, it's important to make certain they're "oriented" to person, place/situation, and time. This means that my patient who answered the orientation questions with "Paul Revere," "1956," and "Amityville, Texas" was "oriented times zero." (To be fair, "Mr. Revere" had experienced such a catastrophic stroke that we were delighted that he was talking at all, regardless of whether or not he made sense.)

I know who I am, where I'm at, and (usually) what's going on, but without Microsoft's calendar on every computer, I don't have a prayer of guessing the day correctly. Guess I'm "oriented times two."


jlmishler said...

Oh man this makes me laugh! Hope all is well! And yes I think if people were honest we have all had those days...:-)

silfert said...

Peggy Lee, 1952, Los Angeles.

Cat said...

I thought it was doctors that had no sleep... And I am sure that the baby doesn't bother your sleep a bit! {grin}

I didn't realize about the person, place, time thing. I was in an accident, and they kept asking me all that, plus who the person asking the question was. In one case, I kept confusing the one, who was the EMT, with his brother, who was a cop. In the other, I kept referring to the nurse as "Indy", a nickname from when we'd been in college together. (The doctor was sure I had a massive concussion, until "Indy" explained the situation. And I gave his correct name...) The joys of small town living...

ANYway, hope that you can get some sleep, and maybe a watch with the date? Or something. Eh, what the heck, the computer works...