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Friday, January 16, 2009

Politically incorrect

I realize that the history of the modern state of Israel is a messy and tortuous one. I know that many bad things have happened to the Jewish people over the years, and I can understand why the Israeli government is a bit "tetchy" about protecting their sovereignity.

But I am incensed by the lack of outrage the American media is showing over the Israeli military's actions in Gaza. If I were a drinking woman, I'd do a shot every time a pundit on CNN attempts to justify Israel's behavior by saying "you have to understand that they need to defend themselves."

Since the pundits and politicians are too chicken to point this out, let me share my thoughts on the matter: I don't care if Hamas is firing rockets into the Knesset itself--you do not bomb schools and hospitals! (Shelling UN compounds in Gaza is spectacularly tacky.) And when a Jewish lawmaker starts drawing comparisons between your behavior and that of the Nazis, you might want to rethink your strategy.

So as I was taught, I will continue to "pray for the peace of Israel." And Palestine, and Lebanon, and Syria...


Jesse said...

What they did in the Bible was even more politically incorrect, but was what God commanded. Kill everything (men, women, children, goats, camels, etc.). That means no more problems with those people, and others who might want to cause problems will think twice. Also consider that Hamas purposefully locates its operational bases under schools and hospitals. I understand your disgust with the situation, but war is much more complicated these days because of those who want everybody to "fight fair."

Cat said...

Amen, hallalujah. I guess I am of the mind, "pray for world peace".