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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Don't these people knit?

For my mother's birthday, I made her socks. (Wow, bet you had a hard time guessing that one!) And as the local Stockshow (live stock sale, rodeo and fair) was coming up last weekend, she delayed wearing them in order to enter them in the fair for me.

Today, I got an e-mail from her saying that they'd taken Best of Show. Now it's been several years since I entered anything in the St. John Fair, but I seem to recall that that only occurs when it's better than a blue ribbon--when it's the best thing in the division.

I hand dyed the yarn to be self-striping, but the socks were just ankle footies with a 2X2 ribbing cuff and stockinette feet. I enjoyed making them (how can you not like knitting?) but compared to other projects I have knitted over the years (the lace weight raglan sweater with lace hearts all over I designed comes quickly to mind) or even other socks that I have knitted recently, this was truly child's play. Just hours and hours of "plain knitting," as the old patterns call it.

Instant ego gratification is always nice, but this seems a bit excessive.


Anonymous said...

The fact is Naomi that these people don't knit.

Socks are perceived as tricky to make, even by knitters. The fact that you dyed your own wool was just gilding the lily.

I expect they thoroughly deserved Best in Show.

Well Done.


Put a Sock in it said...

Winning Best in Show is wonderful!

I find people tend to imagine hand-knitted socks as being bulky, scratchy, and dull. Then they see what today's knitters can make with the lovely modern yarns, and they're bowled over.

Congratulations! :)