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Friday, April 15, 2011

When I'm in this mood, yarn is just expensive string

I've been having a bit of a funk lately. And when I say "funk" I mean "the blues, but without the catchy music."

One of the bad things about a depressive episode (apart from the appetite and sleep disturbances, the thoughts of guilt and hopelessness, etc.) is that I lose interest in some of my hobbies. I'm still spinning yarn, but I've lost all interest in knitting at the moment. Sure, it looks like fun, but I just can't find the energy to care about it.

It may be a bit before I find the time/energy/motivation to get back to blogging regularly. It may be even longer before I can write anything that I consider clever enough to be worth posting on the blog.

In the mean time, I'm keeping in close contact with my mental health person and doing what I tell my patients to do: keep going to therapy and keep taking your perscriptions, because it works eventually. 

And if it's not working enough and you can't get ahold of your doc/therapist and you're thinking of harming yourself, go to the local ER or call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK, both numbers of the National Suicide Hotline in the US.


Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear it. I'll be praying for you and I hope that things start looking up soon.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear it. I'll be praying for you and hoping that things start to look up soon.

Cat said...

Oh, my. I saw you after spinning out walking with the family, but was on the wrong side of the road to stop. Hope all goes well for you, and give a buzz if you feel like talking. Mom and I are thinking of you!