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Friday, March 13, 2009

Chocolate-covered baby

Last Wednesday was Shirley's first birthday. I know some parents do full-out birthday parties for their one year olds complete with guests, etc, but we're not "some parents." (They've been canceling my shifts at work lately, so we're much more broke than these possibly-mythical "other people's parents.")

So I baked cupcakes, we sang Happy Birthday to her and then proceeded to photograph her reaction to oodles of refined sugar. (You'll have to imagine the ecstatic baby squeals throughout this process.)

"What's this, Mom? It doesn't come in a jar labeled "Gerber," so I'm not sure I recognize it."

"Oh well, anything this gooey can't possibly be bad!"

"No one told me food could taste this good! What have you been feeding me the rest of the year?"

"Is this what you mean by the words "sugar rush?" I think I like it!"


Jessie Parks said...

Crap, I am late.. as usual.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY!! I am glad you enjoyed your cupcakes! :) Isn't sugar the greatest??

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Shirley! Naomi, hope all is well with you and Brian. haven't talked to you guys in a while!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi. came across your blog. I'm from up in there any place that rents out drum carders?? I'm going up to the fiber show in Oregon City this Sat. I am afraid I might convince myself to buy Laurie

silfert said...

"Whaddaya MEAN I can't have this every day?!"

Happy birthday, Shirley! :)

What sizes is she wearing now?