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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Belated blogiversary

As I woke up un-wantedly this morning at 0530 (so much better than yesterday morning's awakening at 0230) I realized that I've had this blog for awhile. It's been over two years since I started it.

While I initially started it to create a better photo record of my stash and WIPs (and the rare, endangerd completed project!) as well as give Brian some relief from the regular babbling about fiber, it's somehow taken on a life of it's own. (Cue campy horror film music: "It's the Blog! AAAAAAAH!") And that's been a surprising source of support in the last several months of crazyness.

So to celebrate both the support and the blogiversary, the first two people to leave comments will get either handspun yarn or fingerless mitts (their choice) from handspun yarn.


Jessie said...

mitts mitts! :P I left a comment! Happy Blogiversary!! I need your addy lady.. for a xmas card and a new pic of the Bob..

silfert said...

Beware of the blog!!! Going to the Post Office tomorrow for SURE!