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Saturday, November 17, 2007

more family pictures

I visited my family and some of Brian's family about a month ago.

Grandpa Honn (Mom's father) was in the hospital again with sepsis and pneumonia, so it was good that I got to visit him. I told him that if there was any way I could finagle it, I'd make it for Christmas. Unfortunately, as the newest person hired at work, I am working Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, and the day after that. I'm afraid that by the time I'm able to request enough days off in a row to go visit, I'll be too pregnant to travel!

I got to spend lots of time with the "parents" (Mom and Aunt Tig.)
Aunt Tig is one of the three women named Shirley who we're naming the baby after.

And the obligatory grandma and baby-to-be picture:

Since these pictures are all a month old, (baby) Shirley is now much more obvious. I had to go pants shopping again this week. Tomorrow, I plan to go shirt shopping, as I'm down to three long sleeved shirts that still fit. (And I refuse to wear scrub tops out in public if I'm not working.)

Brian's sister Meegan quit smoking 25 hours before this picture was taken!

(My somewhat manic expression is explained by four plane flights in five days.)

We're slowly but surely getting the house set up. The living room looks quite nice right now.

We've still got many boxes of books to unpack, but the two large bookcases really helped make the place feel more like home.

And unlike any of our previous residences, we have a BACK YARD! (This is the view from our bedroom window.) I was so excited I went out and bought books on gardening.

I'd love to make it look like the neighbor's yard. Hopefully the plants will feel the "peer pressure" and decide they want to live.


Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,

Sorry I haven't been around much, I keep meaning to drop by, but never manage to. I see you've moved house again, nice pics, and I see you've got a sword. When my son ( who has a number of wooden ones, though not one so nice as his sister's )saw it he said "Is it real? What I wouldn't give..."

And now there's three of you - nearly! well done.


Jessica said...

Naomi! Thanks for the comment on the blog. I haven't written up the pattern yet but have several people at the shop bugging me about it. I guess I need to get around to it. I'll email it to you when it's done, no charge. I may end up putting it up on the blog as well. I just need to get it done! I love your yard! That middle are would make a great vegetable garden, if you were interested. Looks like it should be fun! Say hi to Brian for me. I miss you guys! I'm hoping to make it down to visit my family in the Bay Area this summer, hopefully I can make it and drop in on you guys as well!

silfert said...

Yes, tell us about the sword! I have a collection of sharp things, including a birthday present "sword" made of stained glass and mirrors.